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High Endurance Nanocrystalline Transformer Core With Soft Magnetic Material for current transformer


High Endurance Nanocrystalline Transformer Core With Soft Magnetic Material for current transformer

Brand Name : fresh

Place of Origin : zhejiang

MOQ : 50

Material : 1k107

Application : Industrial Magnet, power industry alloy

Ingredients : iron niobium, pure iron, iron boron, copper, silicon

Type : Soft

Shape : toroidal, coiled material

Grade : nanocrystalline 1K107, 0.2S/0.2/0.5S/0.5

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High Endurance Nanocrystalline Transformer Core With Soft Magnetic Material


1,Made by Fe-base Nanocrystalline Ribbon

2,Moderate saturation magnetic induction

3,High permeability

4,Low Loss

5,Good temperature stability

Nanocrystalline Toroidal Cores for Common Mode Chokes feature High permeability,High indutance,easy help you treat EMI problems.

Fe-based nanocrystalline core features very high permeability, high saturation flux density, low loss makes common mode choke has large inductance with only a few turns, low copper loss and small size.

We are professional producer of amorphous core and nanocrystalline core.


It is well known that the higher CT core permeability, the lower measurement error & higher measurement accuracy. The silicon steel CT core can't get enough measurement accuracy under the situation of low Ampere-tums or small turn ratios. And the Fe-Ni Perm-alloy core's application is limited because of their low magnetization and high cost. Nano-crystalline cores are getting wider usage for the 0.2,0.2s, 0.1 accuracy grade precious current transformers because of its high permeability, high magnetization and lower cost in Iow Hc field of power supply systems, power energy measurement and controlling systems, dynamical system, relay protection, etc.


High Saturation magnetic induction - reduce transformer volume

High magnetic permeability low coercive force- improve transformer efficiency, mutual inductor sensitivity, reduce coil distribution parameters

Low loss- reduce transformer temperature rise

Good temperature stability - under 130℃ for long-term work

Lower price - has the best cost performance of all the metal soft magnetic material

Typical Properties

Physical properties of Nanocrystalline alloy

Saturation magnetic induction (Bs)1.25THardness (Hv)880
Curie temperature (TC)560℃Density (d)7.2g/cm3
Crystallizing temperature( Tx)510℃Resistivity(r)90mW-cm
Saturation magnetostriction coefficient (ls)<2×10-6Continuous operating temperature range-55-130℃

Magnetic properties of Nanocrystalline alloy

Product TypeTransverse magnetic annealingNo magnetic annealingLongitudinal magnetic annealing
Initial permeability>2×104>8×104>1×104
Maximum permeability>5×104>45×104>50×104
Residual magnetic induction<0.2 T0.6 T>0.85 T
Coercive force<1.8A/m<0.8A/m<1.8A/m
Iron loss P(20kHz, 0.5T)<30W/kg<50 W/kg<90W/kg
Iron loss P(100kHz, 0.3T)<150W/kg<150 W/kg<300W/kg
Iron loss rate(-55°C –125C )<15%<15%<15%


Our products are used in various types of transformers and circuit breakers. They are also used in computers, automatic control, measurement, communication and other industries.Power current transformer is a special transormer for measuring current of power transmission and distribution lines. The measurement precision differs from soft magnetic materials it uses. The higher precision (less measurement error) is, and the higher core permeability requires. When cold rolling silicon steel sheet cannot reach the requirement of little transformation ratio and low ampere turns, it has to use soft magnetic material with high permeability, such as perm alloy and amorphous alloy. Amorphous alloy has the similar initial permeability as perm alloy, higher maximum permeability, good temperature stability, and 70%-75% lamination coefficient. In the same size and performances, amorphous core’s weight is only two thirds of perm alloy core, and price is more competitive. In recent years, the demand of high-precision transformer (such as grades 0.2, 0.2S and 0.5S) has rapidly increased. Therefore, domestic demand of amorphous alloy measurement current transformer core rapidly increases.

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